Our condolences


3 teenagers were killed this weekend in a tragic accident. From what we have read in the newspapers, it seems they were struck by a train while they were doing graffiti under the Turcot interchange.


We are often called upon to work in similar locations and are quite familiar with this particular location. It is quite accurate to say that when a train passes, you simply do not hear it coming.


Could increased police surveillance could have prevented this?
Perhaps a higher or more restrictive fence?
Maybe better outreach efforts could have helped to avoid such a sad accident?
Hard to say at this point, and sadly, a bit too late for these kids.


Ultimately, these young people were committing a crime. Everyone understands that. But… How can we educate people about the risks and possible consequences of their actions? Does it always take something this sad and tragic? There has to be another way we can get our children to understand that there can be grave consequences to their decisions…


One thing is for sure: this is too high a price to pay.


Our thoughts and deepest sympathies are with the families and friends of the victims, and with the two survivors, who, now more than ever, will need their families’ support.


Sincerely – and very sadly,


Graffiti Solutions