Graffiti Solutions was mandated for the delicate job of removing graffiti “tags” from Pointe-Claire’s “300-year celebration” mural, following a graffiti attack on the beautifully painted surface. The wall – which has become a source of municipal pride – highlights the 2013 celebration of the 300th anniversary of Pointe-Claire’s foundation, in 1713.


Almost immediately after the vandalism occurred, on the night of September 21, 2012, Pointe-Claire contacted Graffiti-Solutions to request the emergency dispatch of a graffiti-cleaning unit to remove the graffiti WITHOUT DAMAGING THE MURAL. “We weren’t going to simply entrust our wall to just any company” was overheard during the urgent and delicate intervention.


After a diligent and delicate process, using specialized graffiti removal techniques and exclusive biodegradable graffiti-cleaning products, Pointe-Claire’s prized mural, located on l’Épicerie du Village on Lakeshore rd. was first cleaned, to remove the tag without damaging the painted surface underneath, after which touch-ups were made by the original artist. The mural has been completely restored. Even the Montreal Gazette was on site. In their article, we can see Sebastian Pitre, founder of Graffiti Solutions, involved in the delicate procedure.


Though the mural was successfully restored, if it had originally been protected with an anti-graffiti coating, cleaning the graffiti would have been faster, with less risk of damage, subsequently avoiding the need for touch-ups.


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Several graffiti were also seen in the area, all of which were quickly removed, following a vicious “graffiti campaign”, which saw vandals “tag” several walls around the West Island Municipality’s main streets.


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