Here are the questions most frequently asked by our customers regarding our graffiti removal and pressure cleaning services.


What is the average response time?
In the summer season, we aim for a delay of 24-48 hours following acceptance. However, it may happen that the deadlines are slightly longer, if, for example, your intervention is specialized (heights, glass burns, fragile coating, etc.)
Are you active all year round?
Nos équipes travaillent tout au long de l’année. However, in winter, in order to offer a good quality of service, we need a temperature above zero for our products to work properly. As we work with water, it is all the more important that the temperature is above the freezing point.
What should we prepare before the passage of your team?
Vous n’avez rien à préparer! Our units are equipped with a water tank, they will have everything necessary on site to carry out the intervention.
Are you able to remove graffiti from windows?
Yes! Whether the graffiti is paint, key etchings, or an acid burn, we can make it right. In the case of etchings and burns, we proceed by polishing the glass in order to correct the situation.
Do you leave traces following the intervention?
We clean thousands of buildings a year and we have a reputation for leaving our places of intervention clean and spotless. Have no fear, your building will regain its original appearance.
Do you remove graffiti using sandblast?
No! We don’t do sandblasting, this technique is usually too tough for coatings. The sandblast usually ends up eating into the wall and leaving permanent marks. This is not a recommended process for graffiti removal.
Do you sell graffiti removal products?

Yes! Here are the 2 products we recommend for graffiti removal:

  • Solution P: for smooth surfaces (20l)
  • Solution G: for porous surfaces (20l)

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