Solutions Graffiti provides graffiti cleaning services during the winter season.


Our cold Montreal winter, however, certainly complicates the task of graffiti removal, and may affect the result. (Regardless of the method and no matter what a sales person may promise).


The first part of this article defines several aspects of graffiti removal in winter, here’s part 2. 


Getting close enough to the Graffiti to clean it 

The mobile cleaning unit must be set up and parked close enough to the surface in order to be able to make the graffiti problem disappear. Snow, ice and restrictive parking rules in winter often complicate this essential step. Moreover, though our trucks are equipped with hoses measuring up to 300 feet, we are limited in the length we can use in cold weather – otherwise, the water will have cooled before reaching the pressure gun – limiting the effectiveness of the graffiti removal process.


Compromised results

Because cold surfaces are difficult to treat, and because limited access can hinder the effectiveness of graffiti removal, the result of graffiti cleaning during wintertime can sometimes be less impressive than it might have been if it had been done in the spring. In some cases, the best possible result is a 5 out of 10 or 7 out of 10, whereas it might have been 10 out of 10 in the spring or summer seasons.


Knowing your options 


Though each surface is unique, the cold Montreal winter almost always affects the treatment. Your wall, and the graffiti on it are unique, and all treatments need to be evaluated on a case by case basis.


Contact us to better understand what your safe cleaning options are, we can help you determine if you are dealing with an emergency, or if the best thing to do is to book a date early in the spring to ensure the best possible graffiti removal result.


Most importantly, our priority is to offer a complete and transparent service, which takes into account the different elements which make every client’s situation unique.