Graffiti-Solutions has been mandated to clean graffiti on several different structures and surfaces around Saint Joseph’s Oratory.


Because of its multiple access points, the “campus” is often prey to graffiti.


This type of intervention poses several challenges, including;

  • Some surfaces are not easily accessible
  • Ensuring the safety of the pressure washing perimeter for the many visitors
  • Surfaces must be treated while taking into account their age and each surface’s composition and particularity
  • The building must not be damaged


The intervention, completed using mainly pressure-washing techniques and technologies, was successfully completed and all listed graffiti was removed using professional techniques and eco-responsible cleaning products.


We are very proud to have the opportunity to help ensure the cleanliness and protect the visual integrity of Saint Joseph’s Oratory, a landmark that is such an important part of Montreal’s history and identity.


Optimal results (and a damage-less intervention) are only possible with the use of specialized pressure-washing techniques.


To obtain professional results for the cleaning of your building, monument or surface, please contact us.