Our climate is changing, and it seems to be affecting the world of graffiti removal.
In the nearly 10 years since Graffiti-Solutions opened its doors, we have noticed that (almost) every year, the season seems to start earlier and end later than the previous year.
It is a common assumption that warmer weather usually brings out graffiti “artists”; few are those who come out to paint in extreme cold or wet weather. Why, you ask? Well, other than the fact that applying spray paint in the cold is a nearly impossible task, it is also an extremely uncomfortable one. So, the earlier the spring season in Montreal – in March, for example – the sooner graffiti starts to appear.
Now, there are some cities and boroughs, among those who pay for professional graffiti cleaning, who can manage and deploy a graffiti removal program more efficiently and faster than ever. Less bureaucracy (…), more logistics and field work (Hey, it’s a good thing!). Though this is hardly the norm, there are some boroughs who stand out and who quickly turn plans into actions and results – they should be applauded for doing so, and their neighbourhoods often look and feel safer than they would otherwise.
Beyond effective management, however, there is also the increasing temperature. A few years ago, our trucks barely ever went out at this time of year, since the temperature was generally near freezing (zero degrees Celsius). This year, the entire fleet has been out for weeks, and has been cleaning and removing graffiti every day, even in early March.
It is not impossible, therefore, to consider the idea that Montreal may have to manage an increasing quantity of graffiti over the next few years, if there continues to be an increase in the number of sunny days where the temperature reaches at least 4 or 5 degrees Celsius.
Time will tell…