…with a slight misunderstanding, at the end 😉


Sebastien Pitre, Solutions-Graffiti’s founder, was interviewed by the Montreal Gazette to provide some insight into the current state of graffiti removal in Montreal. You can read the article here. Some interesting points were discussed, and it is clear that different boroughs are dealing with graffiti on different levels – there is no clear-cut solution.


A small correction for the article: unfortunately, there are a few instances where the message that made it to print was not the intended message. Though we usually request that employee names not be used, for their safety, Sebastien mostly regrets the wording in the last sentence; where it might be interpreted that only the homeowners who make complaints to the city receive free graffiti removal. Instead, we tend to point out that no borough can possibly track all graffiti movement as it occurs; this is virtually impossible. Making a complaint to the borough (by using the 3-1-1 service or contacting public works) should ensure that the people responsible for the graffiti removal are aware of the vandalism on the property, which, in itself, is a good step towards having the city remove it quickly, situation permitting.


It is always a pleasure to read the Montreal Gazette and we hope they continue to provide readers with up to date news and articles – not just about graffiti, but about everything happening in our fair city.