Hateful graffiti was found on the Saint-Joachim church and were quickly eliminated by Solutions-Graffiti’s pressure-washing team.

Built in the 19th Century, the Saint-Joachim de Pointe-Caire church – Pointe-Claire’s first church – is well known for its impressive view; a statue of Jesus in front of the Saint-Laurent waterway. This April, the church was the victim of hateful graffiti.

Solutions-Graffiti received an emergency call for the urgent graffti removal intervention. The building, the entry, the door, the well-known statue et several walls and surfaces were affected, some with hainous messages.


Accompanied by the mayor of Pointe-Claire, police officers, the city’s public works, the priest and several parishioners, Solutions-Graffiti’s pressure washing crew effectively cleaned and restored the affected surfaces.


Solutions-Graffiti has been responsible for graffiti cleaning and graffiti removal in Pointe-Claire since 2010.

In addition to its commercial, residential and institutional pressure-washing services, Solutions-Graffiti is regularly chosen for the  pressure washing and restauration of several churches and places of worship in and around Montréal