This spring, McGill University maintenance staff received complete training in graffiti cleaninggraffiti removal and graffiti (and surface) management. Having recently decided to take on the maintenance of McGill buildings internally, when they are vandalized with graffiti, the world-renowned University called on the expertise of Solutions-Graffiti to ensure that the “field” team was well equipped, ready and armed with the skills and know-how to be able to clean and remove graffiti safely, without leaving any traces of treatment.


Created and prepared specifically for McGill’s environment and given by Sebastien Pitre and Carl Christie, Solution-Graffiti’s managers, the day-long training session was a complete success and a very positive experience. The crew was very attentive and the important elements seem to have been very well understood.


What McGill University’s field team learned:

  • Basic and proper graffiti cleaning techniques
  • How to analyze and prepare different surfaces for graffiti treatment
  • Treatment options for removing graffiti
  • How to safely apply products and clean graffiti
  • Proper management, storage and usage of graffiti cleaning products
  • Best practices and potential hazards during an intervention
  • Selection, acquisition and management of equipment, fleet and work tools


It was a pleasure for team-Solutions-Graffiti to work with such a motivated group, not to mention the pride of having been selected from several suppliers “because of your professionalism and your reputation for successful treatments on important buildings without traces.”


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Pictured: Carl Christie, a Director at Solutions-Graffiti, sharing his expertise during a day-long training session commissioned by McGill University.