Graffiti-Solutions would like to thank every client, customer and employee for the exciting 2011 season*which is slowly drawing to a close.


Thanks to you, and to all those who trust us with their pressure washing and graffiti removal needs, Graffiti-Solutions annually creates eight (8) jobs for Montrealers and this, for nearly 10 years now. It is very satisfying to know that by creating (and maintaining) jobs, we are all contributing to improving our community.
Since 2003, we have been working very hard to distinguish ourselves by the quality of our work, helping our clients manage the cleanliness of their buildings, structures and surfaces in manner that is simple, intelligent and responsible.
The Graffiti-Solutions team thanks you for your trust.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
* Surprising facts and figures from 2011:

1. The highest we went to remove graffiti: 67 feet
 2. The biggest graffiti removed: 122 square meters
 3. Largest graffiti removal by color-matched paint covering: 398 square meters
 4. Weirdest graffiti: Genitalia, about 4 meters long, in blue.
5. Worst case of recurrence: We cleaned the same building 14 times, on Notre-Dame Street
 6. Hot Topic of the summer:
     New law in NDG that requires building owners to have graffiti removed from their  

     building promptly – or else they get fined (if they refuse the free graffiti-cleaning 

     service offered by the borough)
 7. Growth:
Almost 48 000 square meters of graffiti removed by Graffiti Solutions, up 31% from 2010
 8. Number of employees who had a mustache in 2011:
One. To be fair, it was the same person as last year.
9. Rookie of the Year:
Carl Christie; our new associate and Operations Manager.