A « ghost » is a graffiti that has not been completely removed. The graffiti is still visible and you can still distinguish the lines, sometimes even the colors.


Our graffiti removal technicians are often called to clean “ghost” graffiti, which are usually caused by a previously unsuccessful attempt to clean the graffiti. It happens that building owners tried to clean the graffiti themselves, and sometimes (too often, perhaps) we are called to finish the job that another Graffiti removal company wasn’t able to complete, or do properly.


With the right techniques and the appropriate products, it is often possible to eliminate the ghost completely. Many building owners are thrilled to see their building returned to a cleaner state, especially when they thought it had been permanently stained.


Sometimes, though, the ghost has been « burned » into the surface, often due to having used the wrong products (containing VERY strong chemicals) and / or inadequate application and rinsing techniques. In these cases, it is unfortunately common to have to tell the customer that their wall is permanently marked, that no product can improve the situation.


When you have a problem with graffiti, or graffiti to be removed, please speak with professionals, and talk to your borough – some of them pay for the cleaning.


P.S. Of course, you can also contact us and request an Express Estimate!