Bad surprise this morning, you find a graffiti or a tag on one of your facades? We certainly have some tips to help you clean up a tag or clean up graffiti. The following lines will be of great help to you!

Why clean up graffiti?

It is advisable to act quickly, as various studies carried out in the past have shown that the presence of graffiti on a building greatly increases the chances of others appearing. Taggers have less pity when they see an already tagged wall! In our experience, the best solution to keep them away is to act quickly and clean your building on a regular basis.

Tip: If you are a victim of graffiti on a regular basis, we offer a program on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. On the other hand, we also offer anti-graffiti sealants that can facilitate cleaning after the arrival of graffiti.

What product should I use to clean graffiti?

There are a number of over-the-counter tag cleaning products available, however once you have graffiti on a porous surface such as: brick, stone, cement, concrete etc. these products are most of the time inefficient.

The other option available to you is to paint the facade, so to cover the graffiti but it is not recommended again on most surfaces because it gives the effect of a style repair  » patch  ».

At Solutions-Graffiti we offer a range of ecological and biodegradable products, so if you have to equip yourself with a pressure machine, a brush, an extendable handle and a little time you can buy our products.

• Solution B is a product used for porous surfaces while

• Solution C remove graffiti from different surfaces that are smooth.

Like anything, it takes a bit of technique. Learn more about the working method for graffiti removal.

How do you go about cleaning up graffiti?

There are several solutions, here are a few:

1. You can contact the city to find out if you are eligible for a cleanup, be patient.

2. Try to clean it yourself by following the tips mentioned above.

3. Take a photo of the graffiti and send requests for quotes to various companies offering this service in your area.

For a quick and efficient quote request. The work is carried out within 24 hours of acceptance of the submission. Except for exceptions.